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AFPOA Park & Boat Ramp

The AFPOA Park with the boat ramp is private property, owned by the AFPOA since 1999. The AFPOA has allowed all members of the Astor Forest Campsites to use the park and boat ramp without paying a membership.

However, due to amount of damage to the park and boat ramp area and it being used by non-community individuals, in 2021 the AFPOA membership voted to install a gate across the boat ramp to limit the use of the ramp to only AFPOA members. We installed posts and a chain instead of a gate due to the increased cost of the materials required for a gate.

Key Information:

The keys are the property of AFPOA. To receive a key, you must be a current member of AFPOA and put down a $25.00 deposit. Only one key will be provided to each AFPOA member. Upon return of the key, your deposit will be refunded. If you lose your key, your deposit is forfeited and a replacement key will be an additional $50, of which $25 will be refunded upon return of the new key. This is both to cover the AFPOA cost of two keys and to discourage keys being given to other people to use and then not returned.

Why the $50 charge and why are the keys so expensive? These are special keys that cannot be duplicated. The cost to AFPOA for each key to be made is $12-15 with the additional $10-13 going towards our expense for the installation and maintenance of the posts, chain and special padlock.

Why are we limiting access to the boat ramp? Since the property was deeded to AFPOA in 1999 (See DEED) the association has allowed all residents in the Astor Forest Campsite to use the park and boat ramp. Unfortunately, people that are not residents, nor AFPOA members are also using the facilities and causing many issues, such as:

  • Destruction of the restrooms which required us to close them
  • Destruction of the electrical box and meter resulting in no lighting or electricity in the area
  • Destruction to the pavilion and picnic facilities
  • Non-residents leaving their trucks and trailers in the park for the entire day, causing hazards and blocking the facilities and boat ramp
  • Leaving trash all over the park
  • The cost to maintain the park is increasing
  • The cost of liability insurance is increasing

We hope that you will respect and care for the AFPOA park and boat ramp gate. Hopefully, we will be able to reopen the restrooms, restore electricity and make additional improvements to the park. If we are able to refurbish and reopen the restrooms, we plan to use the same keys to limit access to them.


  • Be a resident of the Astor Forest Campsites community
  • Be a current member of AFPOA
  • Provide a $25.00 deposit (Check or Cash)
  • Fill out and sign the AFPOA key agreement (Provided when you get your key)
  • Pick up your key in person. (Email to arrange for a pick-up location, date and time.)

Please direct any questions or comments to:

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